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Image source: Population Connection Population Connection is hosting the World of 7 Billion student video contest for 2017–2018 and invites students around the world to participate. The World of 7 Billion contest helps bring technology and creativity into middle and high school classes worldwide. Students are challenged to create a short video connecting world population growth and one of three global challenges: Advancing Women and Girls, Feeding 10 Billion or Preventing Pollution. Students can win up to $1,000 in each of the three (3) competition categories. The total prize money fund of the 2017–2018 contest is $7,500. Deadline 22 February 2018 [ +5 months remaining ] Results Announcement Expected May 2018 Suggested by Ben Allen Competition Cost Free to Enter Read the full article at World of 7 Billion – Student Video Contest 2017-2018 on Contest Watchers .

Published date : 12 Sep 2017
Author : Contest Watchers
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