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Submission : November 30, 2017 Registration : October 03, 2017 Language : Polish Location : Krakow, Poland Prizes : Award pool (gross amounts): PLN 150 000 Type : Rendering Competition The aim of the Competition is to obtain the best architectural and urban solution for the project entitled Malopolska Science Center in Krakow (MSC). It is assumed that the best design chosen by the Competition jury will take into account the specific nature of the project. It is essential to combine the applied solutions and the far and near contexts – spatial, architectural and cultural – of the Malopolska Region and Krakow – a city of culture, science and art. In the location in question, the Contracting Authority expects a contemporary architectural form of the highest quality that can become a showcase of the city and the region. In the mind of the Contracting Authority, the Malopolska Science Center will be an innovative cultural institution aimed at education through fun

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