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Submission : February 1, 2018 Registration : February 1, 2018 Language : English Location : Concept Prizes : $15,000 grand prize Type : Open The Metals in Construction magazine 2018 Design Challenge is a competition to generate ideas for a facade system that can play a major role in enhancing employee health and well-being. This ideas competition is based on the philosophy that the 21st century facade needs to be adaptive and responsive to human needs, especially in the workplace. With researchers probing beyond workplace aesthetics to examine holistic factors, we are learning that air and water quality, thermal control, and especially visual access to outdoor environments can directly improve employee well-being. These findings are important not only to those in the workforce but also to the organizations employing them. Increased well-being has been found to boost productivity and shrink recovery time from stress and mental fatigue. By 2025, 75 percent of the working population will

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