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We recently announced the results of our poetry competition and the three winners have agreed to have their poems published on our blog. So here, in reverse order, are three wonderful poems on the subject of ‘hope’. In third place was Fay Dickinson from Corby: Sky Skaters I hear the call, A soft melodic cry, Like a schoolboy whistling. In the cloud-bruised sky There are three red kites With tails taut and wide Stretched wings. They sweep, glide, Pirouette above roof tops, Ride the wind, leisurely loop And send me soaring too With each sweet swoop. Once a protected species And a rare sight The kites sky-skate the air In mesmerising flight. As environmental destruction Hurtles apace These birds, in a word, Can offer some grace. In second place was Phil Vernon from Tunbridge Wells: Catching the train to work from the suburbs Today the blackbird sings for the first time: a warp for the robin’s weft; their sonic loom afloat in the lifted mist, its weight defined by the

Published date : 22 May 2017
Author : babbitman
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