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Registration Deadline: Jun 30, 2017; Submission Deadline: Aug 25, 2017 The City of Québec is launching an international call for ideas to rehabilitate the major rivers flowing through its territory, i.e., the Cap-Rouge, St. Charles, Beauport, and Montmorency rivers. Although they each have their own specific physical characteristics, history, potential, and issues, these rivers share a rich legacy as tributaries of the mighty St. Lawrence that runs alongside Québec City and has shaped its identity since the city was founded in 1608. This call for ideas comes at a critical time, when city officials are planning measures to develop and ensure the sustainability of Québec City’s rivers. It will inspire and eventually guide the planning of a broad range of medium- to long-term initiatives. It will also be an opportunity to create a hallmark for each. Competition web site: revonsnosrivieres.com A total of prize, CA$200 000$, will be awarded to three winners. See

Published date : 15 May 2017
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